mr ergo up down.jpg

Allows for use in MR with Up/Down movement

This MI ergometer is suitable for spectroscopy. The patient is laying in the scanner with the total body. The workload is adjustable up to 100 watt. The zero load is <5 watt at 25 rpm. The MRI ergometer is an ergometer for use during MR studies. The MR ergometers workload is controlled with an electronical braking principle especially designed for use in a MR environment. The moment of inertia is 8,4 kgm2. The MR ergometer is standard supplied with a control unit and power unit. The standard control unit offers the possibility to read out various parameters like workload, rpm, torque, timer and distance. The power unit is completed with a safety cable for wallfixation. The MR ergometer can be used for MR scanners up to 3 Tesla